November 13, 2016


The Guest Contract is the basic guidelines for each clients relationship with 'the house'. Below is the contract. See also the two links which access the PDF and Word documents for easy printing.

Admissions Tolerance Policy D&A Testing Participation House Chores Employment Visitation Finance Conduct


Stepping Stones Baton Rouge, LLC

This Agreement (“Agreement”) by and between Stepping Stones Baton Rouge (herein SSBR) a Louisiana Limited
Liability Company and ________________________________ (“Guest”), an individual,
dated _____________________ represents the entire agreement under which Guest agrees to reside by the terms and conditions herein at a SSBR house (the “Home”).
Section I: Admissions Criteria.
Guest has represented to SSBR, as a condition of admission into the Home, that he conforms to the following criteria:

  1. No prior convictions for, nor is currently charged with, any sex offenses, violent crimes, or arson.
  2. Not currently using or under the influence of any of, but not limited to, the following: Suboxone, Vyvanse, K2 Spice, Valerian Root, Kava Kava, diet pills, bath salts, or any other controlled substance.
  3. Has completed, and been discharged directly from, an in-patient drug and/or alcohol abuse treatment program or has had a minimum of (14) days of sobriety from any and all mind-altering drugs, chemicals, or alcohol.
  4. Willing to abide by the standards, rules, and procedures of the Home as defined herein and as communicated by any staff member of the Home and/or SSBR.
  5. Understands that any act of violence, threat of violence, racial slur, sexual orientation slur, or any
  6. Understands that any use of any drug (illicit or over the counter) or alcohol shall be grounds for immediate dismissal from the Home.
  7. Understands that random drug and/or alcohol testing may be administered at any time and without warning by SSBR and that any failure to take said testing shall be grounds for immediate dismissal from the Home. Cost of testing is paid by Stepping Stones Baton Rouge.
  8. All Guests shall inform SSBR of any and all prescription drug use requirements upon arrival and adhere to the administering protocol of SSBR. Sharing of any prescription drug with any other Guest shall be grounds for immediate dismissal from the Home.
  9. Guest is willing and able to abide by the Financial Responsibilities defined herein.
  10. Understands that any violation of the Zero Tolerance Policy defined herein shall be grounds for immediate dismissal from the Home.

Section II: Zero Tolerance Policy.
Violation of any of the following will result in immediate dismissal from the Home:

  1. Use and/or the possession of any drugs, alcohol, or other banned substance in the Home or off of the property.
  2. Failure of a drug and/or alcohol test.
  3. Violence or threat of violence of any kind.
  4. Stealing of any kind.
  5. Possession of weapons of any kind.
  6. Sexual harassment.
  7. Destruction of property.
  8. Sexual intercourse in the Home or on the property.
  9. Use of racial or sexual slurs.
  10. Abuse of any over-the-counter or prescription drugs.
  11. Repeated rules violations.
  12. Smoking in the Home.
  13. Guest who undermines the sobriety of the community.

Section III: Drug and/or Alcohol Testing.
Guest agrees to abide by the following requirements for drug and alcohol testing administered by SSBR and/or any authority under which Guest is required to submit to such testing.

  1. Tests may be conducted on a random basis, without reason, and or weekly.
  2. A positive result for any drug and/or alcohol test shall result in immediate dismissal from the Home
  3.  Failure or refusal to submit to any requested test shall be grounds for immediate dismissal from the Home.
  4. Knowledge of other Guests or visitors of the Home using or under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol and failure to report said incident shall be grounds for immediate dismissal from the Home.

Section IV: 12 Step Program Participation.
All Guests are required to participate in a 12 Step Program, e.g.; Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, etc. (“Meeting”) in adherence to the requirements below:

  1. Guests are required to attend a MINIMUM of five meetings per week.
  2.  All Guests must obtain a sponsor within two weeks of the date of this Agreement and provide SSBR staff with the name and contact information of the sponsor.
  3. Guests must record Meeting attendance on the log provided by SSBR and present log to SSBR staff upon request.
  4. All Guests are required to attend the weekly House Meeting in the Home.
  5. IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program or similar) participation may be counted toward the weekly minimum Meeting requirement at the sole discretion of SSBR.
  6. Guest must join a home group and have a service position at that home group within four weeks of being admitted to SSBR.
  7. Guest must participate in SSBR's “hospitals and institutions” meeting program once a week.

Section V: House Chores/Cleanliness Requirements.
Each Guest will be required to participate in the on-going cleaning and upkeep of the Home as defined by SSBR staff.

  1. All Guests are required to keep all living areas in a clean and orderly condition at all times.
  2. Guest beds are to be made, all personal clothing neatly put away, and bathroom items stored within thirty (30) minutes of awakening each day.
  3. Room checks will be conducted once per day and/or randomly at the discretion of SSBR.
  4. All dishes and/or cooking items are to be cleaned up and put away within thirty (30) minutes of use by any Guest.
  5. No food is allowed in any bedroom at any time.
  6.  Routine chores in and around the Home will be delegated by SSBR to each Guest on a rotating basis.

Failure to adhere to the above requirements of this Section may be cause for dismissal from the Home at the sole discretion of SSBR.

Section VI: Employment/School/Volunteer Requirements.
Each Guest shall adhere to the requirements as stated below:

  1. All Guests MUST be employed, attend school, and/or volunteer on a regularly scheduled basis that totals a minimum of thirty (30) hours per week. Any combination of the above may be counted toward the minimum hours required.
  2. The Guest must provide SSBR with employment/school/volunteer verification and contact information at the request of SSBR.
  3. Each Guest is responsible for his own transportation.

Design For Living will transport, on a limited basis, new residents to and from work. Design for Living will transport new residents to look for work on a limited basis.

Section VII: Visitation Policy.

  1. Visitors, other than family members, are not allowed in any bedroom at any time.
  2. Visitors are allowed in any common area of the Home at the discretion of SSBR.
  3. Family members may be shown bedroom areas for a limited and reasonable time but are limited to visitation of the common areas of the Home.

Guests are required to be fully dressed at all times when in the common areas of the Home.

Section VIII: Financial Responsibility.
All Guests understand and agree that payment policy is as follows:

  1. Monthly rent is $560.00. To move in a guest must pay $450.00 ($170.00 application fee and two weeks of rent $280.00). After initial payment guest may pay weekly ($140).
  2. Guest Fees are due and payable on Friday for the upcoming week.
  3.  Acceptable forms of payment are cash and check. Most preferable method of payment is by banking quick pay apps. Such as Chase Quick Pay, Regions Personal Pay POPmoney, or other easy money transfers that banks offer.
  4.  Failure to promptly pay required fees may be grounds for immediate dismissal from the Home.

Guests who are dismissed from the Home for any reason or at any time will not be reimbursed for any payments.
Section IX: Miscellaneous Rules of Conduct.

  1. All Guests are required to behave in a reasonable and mature manner at all times.
  2.  Radios, televisions, games, computers are to be kept at reasonable volumes at all times.
  3. Illegal downloads of any kind are prohibited.
  4. The computers are community tools and must be shared accordingly.
  5. No pornographic material of any kind on any medium is allowed at any time.
  6. Offensive clothing is prohibited at the sole discretion of SSBR staff.
  7. Congregating in front of the Home is prohibited.
  8. Smoking is permitted in designated areas outside only and all cigarette butts must be extinguished and disposed of in the provided receptacles.
  9. Any loud noise after 10:00 pm is strictly prohibited.
  10. No outdoor activity is allowed after 10:00 pm on weekdays, midnight on weekends.
  11. All Guests are required to purchase their own food.
  12. Rules posted and announced from time to time shall be strictly adhered to.
  13. Parking rules will be posted and strictly enforced at all times. Cars shall not be parked on grass.
  14. Confidentiality of ALL Guests at ALL times must be maintained.
  15.  All Guests are expected to treat one another with respect and courtesy at all times.
  16. All Guests belongings including, but not limited to, luggage, rooms, bathrooms, vehicles, closets, dressers, and personal effects are subject to search by SSBR staff at any time.
  17. Immediate dismissal from the Home requires that, once informed by SSBR staff of the dismissal, the Guest have thirty (30) minutes to pack all belongings and vacate the Home and property without incident. Return to the Home or the property is strictly prohibited.
  18. SSBR reserves the right to change, alter, modify, or amend any and all parts of this Agreement if necessary, in its sole discretion, to ensure the safety and well being of the Guest, other Guests, visitors, and SSBR staff in the Home.