October 31, 2016

Our Philosophy

Sober Living in Baton Rouge, LA

The philosophy behind Stepping Stones is a strict regimen of the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous. Through an extensive repetition of the three sides of the AA triangle--Recovery, Unity and Service--one can create a life that is no longer restricted by addiction. The spiritual awakening which results from living the 12 Steps of AA allows the once-hopeless to become fully useful and productive and have a life beyond their wildest dreams. Whether you choose to attend AA, NA or CA, the steps are worked for the purpose of having a personality change that heals our previously damaged souls.

My business is purposefully small so that I am able to interact with each client on a daily basis and show them what I do to stay sober and foster my own ongoing recovery. My aim is to integrate my residents into the recovery community that has embraced me and helped me to achieve my wildest dreams. By keeping the amount of residents at each house under ten at any given time, clients form lifelong friendships with each other and are able to support each other in their recovery. My dream for each client is for them to feel like they always have an ally and champion in me, and to  remain free from the shackles of addiction long after they leave my houses.

If you're looking not just for sober living, but an experience that will enhance your recovery and spirituality, come join us at Stepping Stones.