November 13, 2016

Our Values

Our Core Values


Residents are required to work the steps with a sponsor.  Recovery happens when the steps are taken with the goal of having a personality change sufficient to stop the person from using drugs or alcohol again.This is the spiritual awaking which results from the steps.  Being convinced that we had a problem  with drugs and alcohol and that no human power could help us are the building blocks of our recovery. 

Stepping Stones residents are required to go to a weekly step study aftercare type of meeting, where a very talented counselor generously breaks down the steps.  This reinforcement of the big book and the work you do with your sponsor cumulates into an understanding of recovery.              


We go to lots of meetings.  We become friends with people in recovery because WE cannot fix ourselves...its a we program. Becoming part of a community of people, who are focused on leading  sober existence based on the principles of Honesty Unselfishness Love ensure sobriety in many different ways.  We know if we stay away around those members of AA who are really doing this because it is a matter of life and death to them, then we are likely going to learn skills necessary to live life on life's terms.  We go to meetings and we share our stories, that's right we talk so people will get to know us, and soon we find that we are surrounded by friends who would do anything to help us recover.


Carrying the message of hope to fellow suffers is one of greatest aspects, not just of this program, but of any self-help program. We know that A helping B helps A the most. The more we do for others the less we dwell fruitlessly on our on troubles. The more we practice being unselfish the less selfish we become. We are in a death fight with our selfishness, so this act of giving to others through being of service to those who need our help directly reverses the tide of our selfishness. One of the best acts of service anyone ever did for me was remembering my name when that person saw me again at another meeting. That person remembering my name kept me coming back to more meetings. More meetings  led me to more friends in recovery and they led me to the solution to all my problems. At Stepping Stones, we bring AA meetings into chance to share their experience, strength and hope with people who need to hear that this program really works.  Service occurs whenever and wherever we do something for someone else without expecting anything in return. Shaking a newcomer's hand at a meeting is one of the most effective things we do to be of service.